Memorial Day is a day for 
remembering and honoring military personnel 
who died in the service of their country, 
particularly those who had died in battle 
or as a result of the wounds sustained.
Rain again postponed 
the township's yard sale to June 9th,
raindate on the 10th.

However, across the ocean,
 the sun shone brightly for the wedding of
Image Source: Getty / DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle
 now titled as the 
Duke & Duchess of Sussex.

Our county, when formed in 1753,
was named for Sussex, England. 

Due to the anticipated inclement weather 
 this has now been postponed til Sat., May 19th
 Weather or Not?
Ever wonder about  weather patterns?? 

      We recently had 70 degree temps and then it dipped back to cooler, more wintry temps. Last night, the Wallpack weather station recorded the surprising low of 21 degrees!

Here's a historical perspective on Spring weather:

The Reading Times newspaper reported this about Milford, PA - that on June 7, 1876 - "This section was visited by a heavy frost last night."

Rafting of lumber on the Delaware River was weather contingent, as reported by The Times from Philadelphia on an April 21st  in 1880:

Two years later, on the 20th of April 1882, the Reading Times again reported on this area and said:

 ".. the heavy rain showers of yesterday afternoon  extinguished the forest fires which have been burning the last three days."

This time a dry spell destroyed forests and impacted lumbering.