Ensign Severyne Westbrook

There shall be a dedication of the military headstone for Revolutionary War Ensign, Severyne Westbrook, held starting at 11 am on Sat., Oct. 14th, 2017 in Montague Township. Parking will be by the Grange Hall at 280 River Rd. 

The old family burying ground is a small plot located 300 yards behind the Montague Grange Hall, surrounded by lands of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Those attending should wear walking shoes as the main access is a walk via a mown lane to the site.

Based on directions that longtime historian Robert Longcore and the Montague Township Historian had obtained from former Montague resident, Bob Myers, and also via Army Corps of Engineers info - two moss-covered footstones were located.

Westbrook Headstones reset
by R. Longcore & Sheriff"s SWAP program 

Westbrook’s already broken and illegible original headstone was later uncovered by Robert Longcore, working in concert with the Sheriff’s SWAP team in the late 1990’s - along with 2 other headstones. In the years since, the stone began disintegrating. With the assistance of a Westbrook descendant, a military headstone was acquired.

After the dedication program, there will be a display and light refreshments - at the Grange Hall

Representatives of the DAR Chinkchewunska Chapter and the NJSSAR Col. John Rosenkrans Chapter will be participating. 

Did you know October is Family History Month?


The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, has announced its free family history classes and webinars for October 2017. 
Participants can attend online.

If you are unable to attend a class in person or online, 
most sessions are recorded and can be viewed later online at your convenience. To access these, go to the archive for 

In case you're not familiar with a "WETDOWN" -
it is a ritual celebrated by many 
volunteer fire departments in the United States. 

Squads of firefighters come from neighboring towns to ritualistically commission the
 new fire apparatus by anointing it with water
sprayed from the visitors' firefighting equipment.

SOLAR ECLIPSE  8/21/17 early afternoon


Safety Tips

Are Eclipse Glasses or Handheld Solar Viewers
actually legit and safe to use?

Advice is to test all purchased eclipse viewing glasses [as there are counterfeit ones with the valid ISO #] prior to the eclipse by heading outside tonight
 as the sky starts to get dark (similar to what will happen tomorrow 8/21).
Look up at an outside bright light / street lamp.

You should NOT be able to see it at all.

Regular cameras need a special filter  - and staring at the sun via a camera lens can also damage your eye's retina. It is never safe to look directly at the sun through a telescope, binoculars, or camera lens without a solar filter.


Northern NJ will not experience a view of the totality of the eclipse,
when the brightness of the sun is totally obscured by the moon!

A homemade pinhole projector is the safest way of watching the eclipse;
you can make one yourself with 2 thin pieces of stiff paper or cardboard,
or paper plates.

Here’s how:
Put one piece of paper or cardboard (or a paper plate) on the ground.
Poke a tiny, round hole into the other piece of stiff paper or cardboard.
With your back to the sun, raise the cardboard with the hole in it above your head and aim the light coming through the hole at the paper or
cardboard on the ground.
The hole will project an image of the eclipse on to the other paper.


From among all the contestants for this year's  Queen of the Fair,

Miss Montague 

won the People's Choice Award!!

Courtesy:  NJ Herald 7/30/2017 Fair issue

This award is given to the contestant who was chosen through 
ballots sent in by mail to the NJ Herald.